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Choosing the Right Conference Table

Your conference table is the heart of your business. It's not just a piece of furniture, but a symbol of connection, where ideas are shared and decisions are made. It's where your team comes together, like a family sitting down for dinner. So, it's important to choose the right table that will cater to your needs and express your company's identity. That’s why we at Office Furniture Connection put together this conference table planning guide for you.

Choosing the Right Conference Table

Just as you wouldn't pick a random dog at the pet store but the one that matches your lifestyle, choosing the right conference table involves careful consideration. You want it to be just right for your office.

At Office Furniture Connection, we have an extensive variety of tables for every kind of workspace. Do you run a modern startup with a relaxed atmosphere? Or maybe you're a traditional firm steeped in formality? Just like a wardrobe change can reflect your mood, the style and finish of your conference table can echo your company's character.

Conference Table Sizing

You’re like Goldilocks with the Three Bears —the table shouldn't be too big, or too small, but just the right size. Conference table sizing is crucial for the comfort and accessibility of everyone who'll use it. Too small, and you'll feel like sardines in a can. Too large, and you'll need binoculars to see your colleagues. Two considerations you should keep in mind are the size of your conference room and the number of people you need to accommodate.

When measuring for your conference table, you need to make sure you have four feet of space between the table and the walls, so people can move about freely.

Thinking about the number of people using the conference table, you should plan for at least 2 ½ feet of space per person.

Conference Table Shape

Is a square peg right for a round hole? That's the question you face when considering your conference table shape. Whether you choose rectangle, oval, round, or boat-shaped, each form creates a unique atmosphere.

For instance, a round table sparks a sense of equality, reminding us of King Arthur and his knights, where every voice mattered. An oval or boat-shaped table, on the other hand, facilitates better eye contact and easier communication.

Conference Table Seat Guide

As with a game of musical chairs, you don't want anyone left standing when the music stops. Following a conference table seat guide can help ensure there's room for everyone.

Here's a general rule:

For rectangular and boat-shaped tables: Plan for 2 feet per person.

For round and oval tables: A diameter of 36-48 inches can seat 4 people comfortably.

With these tips, you can make sure everyone has a seat at the table, whether it's a meeting of 4 or a gathering of 20.

Remember, just as your kitchen table is the heart of your home, the conference table is the heart of your business. It's more than just a piece of furniture; it's where your team's minds meet. The right conference table can boost collaboration, inspire creativity, and strengthen your company's culture.

At Office Furniture Connection, we understand the importance of the right fit. Whether it's about the table size, shape, style, or seating, we're here to help you make the right choice using this conference table planning guide. With us, you're not just buying a table, you're investing in the heart of your business. Contact us or visit our 160,000 square foot warehouse in Houston, Texas today.

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