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I asked our architect for a referral for office furniture, priced fairly and quality good.  She referred us to Office Furniture Connection.  We worked with Steven Oddo to furnish entirely, our new office space.  Not only did he give us a good deal, the furniture was in excellent condition and the service they provided was superior.  They set up our conference room with a beautiful table and the chairs were on route when we found out we were having an important client meeting.  Steven offered to let us use their own conference chairs and they delivered them the evening prior to the meeting and let us keep them until ours arrived.  To say we’re extremely satisfied would be a complete understatement!  They are responsive, honest and all-around good people.  I wouldn’t use anyone else in Houston!

--Kristeen Coronado

We used Office Furniture Connection in the company that I used to work for because my previous boss introduced me to them. Now I use them for the new company I work for and we order all of our office furniture through them. They also deliver it and professionally set it up just as we want. After all this time, I've been really happy with them and will continually use them for years to come.

--Cynthia Park

Hard to believe that I've been using Office Furniture Connection for about ten years now. I can't remember exactly how we heard about them, but I think someone else in Houston recommended them to us. We're a used office furniture dealer here in Maryland and we purchase from them and then resale the furniture. We've been very satisfied with them for all these ten years, as it's just high quality products. The owner is also very helpful and professional and so is our sales rep.

--Richard Kirkley

Ever since I was recommended to Office Furniture Connection, I've been 100% satisfied with them. They have furnished my whole office and I used them for the first about six months ago. They are experienced, hands-on, gave me a good deal, and offer high quality furnishings. They set up my conference room with a 10 foot table, chairs, and two shelves. I've also worked with the owner and enjoyed a great experience in dealing with him. I would recommend them to anyone!

--Josh Bradley

I originally started using Office Furniture Connection just a few months ago. After I found out about them through a friend, I stopped by their office and ended up working with Sam, who did a great job in going over their furnishings and service. We purchased conference room tables and chairs and the whole process went smoothly. I also felt the pricing was fair and I would definitely use them again.

--Bernard Beale

We asked our architect for a referral for office furniture and his wife, an interior designer, directed us to Office Furniture Connection. They've done a terrific job for us overall and I'm really happy with them. We've mostly worked with Stephanie Milner, who goes by Sam. We went down to their showroom which was very helpful in figuring out the style we were looking for. We bought about three offices worth of furniture and they were able to match what we were looking for on style and sizes, and were very pleased with that. We used their delivery service which was also very helpful. It was pretty much hands-off for me... I just let them into the building and they went at it. I would recommend them to others, especially to organizations like us who are non-profit.

--Robert Bernadini

I found out about Office Furniture Connection online back in January of this year. I was looking for some specific parts to a cabinet and finally found them through them. They got them shipped out to me right away and it was a smooth process. Because they were reasonably priced and easy to work with, I'd use them again.

--John Lillibridge

We started using Office Furniture Connection about 8 or 9 years ago, making the connection through a broker here in Austin. We built a new building in 2008 that was roughly 8,000 square feet and they provided all the cubes and office furniture for the building. Just this past year we finished the final third of the building and they provided all the furniture for that too. We've worked with the owner as well as Augustine, all good people. The deliveries have been on time and easy to work with. We'll continue to work with them in the future, as we have been very happy with the service, quality, and price.

--Charles Cloutman

We have been greatly satisfied with Office Furniture Connection ever since we started using them in January. I found them by doing an online search for used office furniture in our area. I always deal with a woman named Stephanie, who goes by Sam, and she is fantastic. She has even visited the sight and helped us come up with a plan that worked for us. If it's something small my maintenance team can pick it up and if it's a larger order, we have them deliver. We've ordered sofa's for our waiting area, conference tables, extra seating, a larger conference room with a 24 foot table, a 14 foot table, and we are currently finishing out two spaces for training rooms and conference rooms. We manage office buildings, so I keep some of their catalogs here and suggest them to my tenants who are expanding. We will definitely continue to use Office Furniture Connection in the future for all our offices.

--Starla Moore

We started using Office Furniture Connection during the last quarter of 2015. We were going through a construction process and had a relationship with a vendor who recommended Office Furniture Connection. We bought office desk set ups, cubicles, guest chairs, conference tables, etc. They used their company delivery service to get it shipped and set up for us. They were fantastic in every sense of the word with adjustments and getting it set up correctly. They were great about responding to our needs in a timely manner and professional in the way that they followed up and took care of business. We worked with many gentlemen there that were fantastic to work with. They are very responsive in taking care of business for us. I would absolutely recommend them to others.

--Deleana Giles

So far, we've worked with Office Furniture Connection one time and they were great. We used them about two months ago, as I had been looking for someone who could help us with some of our furniture needs. We went into their store and had the opportunity to work with the owner right away. He was able to find what we needed and was very helpful in getting it all set up. I would definitely recommend their service.

--James Helm

We've been working with Office Furniture Connection for over ten years now. They provide the furniture for us and we do the installations for them. Since we have a lot of contracts with the state of Arizona for refurbished furniture, Office Furniture Connection provides a lot of the furniture to us. Their prices are competitive and they are very professional and timely to work with. What's nice about their product is that it comes in with high accuracy, which isn't as common with most refurbished furniture. It's almost like new and they are great to work with too.

--Joe Clayton

Our company started using Office Furniture Connection a few years ago, asd they were recommended to us through our Dallas office. I met everyone at the office when I visited them and they have always been very helpful. I have been happy with them from day one and will continue working with them, especially Stephanie and Augustine. They've provided us with cubicles and furniture and have delivered it and set it up very professionally.

--Ginger Covington

I heard that Office Furniture Connection was a very good place to buy used furniture through some word of mouth. We've purchased their cubicles, some basic office ware, desks, chairs, and bookshelves. They've delivered the furniture to us and set it up without a hitch. I've been satisfied with the quality of the furniture and price, as well as their excellent delivery service. We'll be recommending them for a long time!

--Brad Jones

Even though I can't remember how I found out about Office Furniture Connections, I started using them six or seven years ago. We also use them for five-ten of our locations. One of our buildings is five stories with three floors of office space and they furnished it with 100 cubicles, a coffee bar, lounge furniture, etc. Working with Augustine over the years has been great as well as their pricing being more than fair. I have recommended them to many others too.

--Ron Zach

We found out about Office Furniture Connection through the owner's son, because he went to high school with our son. They've always come to us and we use their delivery service. Their quality of service is excellent and they are always within our budget. We've purchased mainly trade desks and they even did a mock up of some trade desks that I had since I needed some very similar. They came out and did some investigative work and put together some trade desks that were almost identical. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

--Judy Johnson

I've known the owner of Office Furniture Connection, Vince, for a long time now. Since I'm another vendor also, I bought the furniture wholesale from them, at an excellent price. As a matter of fact, I just made a large order with them this year and even used their shipping company. Our clients have been especially happy with the furniture and the pricing, since it was very fair and would recommend them for sure

--Karen Beck

We have been using Office Furniture Connection in the last few months, purchasing desks, tables, and chairs from Nick and Sam, who have been very helpful. They've delivered the furniture as promised and have even helped set it up. For the price you pay, you are getting a great deal, even with a mix of some new things and some refurbished. I would recommend them to any business looking for a quality service.

--DeAaon Miller

I have worked with Sam over at Office Furniture Connection, she is a great person and I really appreciate working with her. I started using Office Furniture Connection about a year ago through another company that had used them. I had used Office Depot previously, but their prices have continued to go up so I started looking for used furniture. We are a non-profit organization so our dollars really count. We can get quality used furniture for great prices with Office Furniture Connection, and I'm very happy with them.

--Sheila Swirczynski

I work for a moving company and I do a lot of referrals for Office Furniture Connection and send them business. I found out about them them about four years ago because they're not too far from where we are. I've worked with the owner, Vince, and his son Jason and I have also bought furniture from them myself. I've purchased new furniture from them and the people I've referred to them have bought new and refurbished and they've given me good feedback as well. The quality of the furniture and the customer service is excellent. They do everything from point A to point B when it comes to furniture and working with them is an easy, clean process.

--David Sims

We started using Office Furniture Connection about a year and a half ago, after finding out about them online. We were looking for good quality used furniture, and after locating their address, I ended up going into their showroom. I've worked with Augustine ordering cubicles and furniture, and they have delivered it to me as well as installed it. We are fully satisfied with Office Furniture Connection and would recommend them to others.

--David Wesley

I've been purchasing furniture through Office Furniture Connection for a while now. I know the owner and have been ordering full office furniture sets from them because I am very satisfied with their services, both price and quality. I would recommend them as a good source for quality used office furniture to any company.

--Mitch Dopp

We've been very satisfied with Office Furniture Connection and have been using their services for over ten years. Everything I've ever ordered has been great with no problems ever with the furniture or the delivery. We've purchased every kind of furniture, chairs and desks, etc. imaginable for our multiple locations and have used them many times over the years. Their people have always great to work with.

--Theresa Deisch

I've been very satisfied with the products and services over at Office Furniture Connection. They were referred to me by someone I work with about four months ago, so I purchased a desk that I found at the store and picked it up myself. It was of great quality, the service as well and I will shop with them again.

--Crissy Chenette

Office Furniture Connection became our source for quality furniture last year because another company, that we had used beforehand, was too expensive and were taking a long time to fit us into their schedule. I started googling office furniture and found them because they were close to us. I hadn't even been into their showroom, before they came to me. I've worked with many people there and they have all been pleasant and helpful. Our purchases have been many different types of furniture and they've also come out and customized our area to set up cubicles. They are very professional and I would absolutely recommend them to others. Great prices and value!

--Keisha Chadwell

 I went down to the Office Furniture Connection to look around and found the staff very helpful. I met a lady named Sam who was super, super great and I've really enjoyed working with her. I had a very limited budget and needed "recycled furniture", but I was able to find what I needed and what I could afford. They were extremely helpful and I got just what I needed. Highly recommend.

--David Douglas

I found out about Office Furniture Connection a couple of months ago when I was looking for some office furniture for my son. I did an online search and found them them to be extremely helpful. I ended up going out there later and purchasing an L-shape desk, chairs, bookcases, and all sorts of stuff. They loaded up our truck for us when we went to pick it up after work with Sam, who was great. I think it's kind of a rare thing to find someone who's willing to go out of their way to help you and make sure you're satisfied and I will continue working with Sam for this reason. Office Furniture Connection is suitable for businesses buying furniture as well as individuals buying furniture for their own homes.

--Jill Yancey

I saw an advertisement for Office Furniture Connection that caught my attention so I stopped by their office to look over their selection. I needed cubicles for our office space and they were very helpful in determining our needs. They helped with ordering it, got it delivered for us, and they set it up without a problem. I'm so pleased with their quality furniture at such a low price, that I would recommend them.

--David Fung

We needed to order some cubicles for the office and we were referred to Office Furniture Connection by a friend. I gave them a call and they came right out and measured our room and offered us some great suggestions. We made our selections, working with Ronnie who helped us complete the order and they delivered and set it up just as we needed it. The price has been awesome, the quality is excellent, and I would recommend them to any business.

--Alison Lenton

My boss has a friend over at Office Furniture Connection and through that relationship, we've done a lot of business with them over the years. We've purchased a lot of different types of office furniture, including custom cubicles. They delivered and set up the products and did a fantastic job. We've always gotten a really good deal, especially for the quality of their furnishings and they have given me exactly what I needed in a really quick time frame.

--Virginia Stallings

Office Furniture Connection has always done a great job for our company, which is why I've been using them for a while now. Our company is a very big company and we've never had a problem with them, ever. We've worked with Steve and they've had contracts with our company for years, ordering pretty much every type of office furniture that you can imagine. They deliver and set up and it's always gone smoothly, so I would recommend them to anyone and plan to use them again in the future.

--Timothy Allen