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New vs. Used Cubicles: Which Should You Choose?

Two people conversing over their shared cubicle wallAt Office Furniture Connection, we believe that every workspace should be unique, because every company is unique. Among the items that can make your office truly yours are cubicles, those cozy spaces where work gets done. But here's a question we often get: Should I opt for new or used cubicles? Read on to explore the advantages of each so you’re more informed to make a wise decision.

Embracing the Past With Used Cubicles

Let's start by exploring the realm of used office furniture, with a focus on used cubicles. These stalwarts of the office world come with a few distinct advantages:

  • Price – Refurbished and remanufactured cubicles often come at a fraction of the price of new ones. That makes them a great choice for budget-conscious businesses.
  • Character – Just like an experienced employee, used cubicles have proven themselves in the field. They carry an aura of history and stability.
  • Sustainability – Choosing used cubicles is also eco-friendly. It reduces the demand for new manufacturing and saves the cubicles from languishing in landfills.

Remember, our used cubicles have served faithfully and are now ready to do it again.

The Fresh, Shiny Option: New Cubicles

Now, let's shift our focus to new cubicles. Fresh out of the box, new cubicles have their unique benefits:

  • Customization – New cubicles offer a range of customization options. You can choose the design, color, and layout that best matches your office style.
  • Warranty – New cubicles often come with a warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • Modern features – Newer cubicle models often come with features that older models might lack, such as integrated cable management or adjustable height features.

Making the Right Choice for Your Office

 At OFC, we understand that every business has unique needs. What's perfect for one may not be right for another. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between new and used cubicles:

  • Budget – If you're keeping an eye on costs, then used office furniture, including cubicles, can offer significant savings.
  • Design and layout – Do you have a specific design or layout in mind? New cubicles might offer more flexibility here. Our design team can help, regardless of your choice between new and used cubicles.
  • Sustainability goals – If your company is committed to environmental sustainability, used cubicles will contribute to your green initiatives.

Choosing Between New and Used Cubicles

The debate between new and used cubicles is a matter of preference and needs. If you want an office space with character, history, and a nod towards sustainability, our collection of used cubicles stands ready. These silent sentinels of industry have weathered the storms of many workdays and are eager to add value to your space.

Let OFC guide you on this journey of creating your perfect workspace. Whether you're considering new or used cubicles, we’re here to help you make the best decision. After all, it's not just about furniture. It's about creating a space where your business can thrive. Your office is more than a location. It's a statement about who you are and what you do. Contact us today and let us help you choose the right new or used office furniture for your company.

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