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Advantages & Disadvantages of Lateral Filing Cabinets

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Lateral Filing Cabinets

When setting up an office space, every detail matters. Office furniture can be costly and constantly changing one piece for another can be stressful and time consuming. For these reasons, it's important to make the right choices for each aspect of your office furnishing needs. To help with your office set up planning, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of lateral filing cabinets.

The Benefits of Choosing Lateral Filing Cabinets for Your Business

When it comes to storing files and providing quick access to information, lateral filing cabinets can be a great option. Some benefits of this filing choice include:

  • Space utilization. With the side by side filing that this option offers, it's easy to store a large number of files within a small amount of space.
  • Given the straighforward filing process, this option can provide quick access to a large amount of information. For high volume businesses, lateral filing cabinets can make it easy to quickly find the right specific file in a short amount of time.
  • Size flexibility. These cabinets are often made in a variety of sizes, so you can find the right cabinet to extend your desk and create a seamless and highly functional set up.

The Disadvantages of Lateral Filing Cabinets

While this option can provide the right filing solution for many business types, some might find this type of filing cabinet difficult to use. Some of the disadvantages of lateral filing cabinets include:

  • Awkwardness of use. While typical filing cabinets utilize a face-out set up for the files contained within, a lateral filing cabinet requires the individual to scan through the files from the side, which means it can require awkward movement, depending on the layout of the office.
  • Difficult to move. Lateral files tend to have more bulk, and are threfore more difficult to move around. Also, this filing option tends to take up more floor space, so if that's a major concern for your business, you may want to choose a smaller option.

Get The Support You Need From Office Furniture Connection

Every choice you make when furnishing your office can have a large impact on the functionality, aesthetic appeal and overall efficiency of your office space. Lateral filing cabinets may be a highly useful and efficient choice for your high volume business. However, if space utilization is a higher concern, you may want to go with a less bulky option for your file storage needs.

Whatever your specific office furnishing needs may be, Office Furniture Connection can help. We refurbish, remanufacture and supply top quality used office furniture from premium brands. We can help with removal of your old office furniture, as well as storage, design planning and space utilization services. With our expert support and premim quality supplies, you can find the right solutions for your business without breaking the bank!

If you're still not sure about the advantages & disadvantages that a lateral filing cabinet can bring to your office space, come by our storeroom in Houston to check out our products and make the decision in person. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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