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The Complete Guide to Buying Used Office Chairs

If you think of your office as a sports team, then your used office chairs are the star players. They're there to support your team members every day, helping them perform at their best. This office chair buying guide will help you through the process of choosing the right used office chairs, just like picking the right players for your team!

Understanding Ergonomic Office Chairs

Picture an ergonomic office chair as a personal trainer, whose job is to make sure you're sitting correctly and comfortably throughout the day. It's all about the proper alignment of your body—your back, neck, arms, and legs. When looking at used office chairs, consider these aspects:

  • Adjustability – Your chair should have adjustable height and armrests, like how a bicycle can be adjusted to fit your body.
  • Lumbar support – Good chairs will have a curve to support your lower back, so you feel like you're fully supported.
  • Seat depth – You should be able to sit with your back against the chair's backrest and have a small gap between the edge of the chair and your knees.

Office Chair Qualities

Just like a superhero with special powers, the right office chair will have qualities that set it apart. Here are some things to consider:

  • Material – What is the chair made of? Fabric breathes better, while leather looks more high-end. It's like choosing between a cozy sweater and a fancy jacket.
  • Swivel base – Chairs that can swivel and roll allow you to reach different parts of your desk without straining.
  • Condition – At Office Furniture Connection, we refurbish and remanufacture our used office chairs and other furniture to it’s in like-new condition. These chairs will stand the test of time in your business.

Choosing Used Office Furniture

When it comes to used office furniture, it's not just about getting a good deal. It's about finding something that will contribute positively to your workplace. In our 160,000 square foot warehouse in Houston, Texas, we have used office chairs and other furniture to fit every style and substance.

Why You Should Work With Office Furniture Connection

Remember that these chairs are some of the most important pieces of your office. They support your team, keeping everyone comfortable throughout their workday. By considering ergonomic factors and the unique qualities of each chair, you can find used office furniture that will serve your team well without breaking your budget.

At Office Furniture Connection, we understand the significance of these crucial pieces of your workspace. We're here to guide you in finding the best used office chairs that will ensure the comfort and efficiency of your employees. Think of us as the coach, and this office chair buying guide as the playbook. Let's win this game together. Reach out today to discover how we can help support your team.

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