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5 Reasons to Opt for Used Office Furniture

5 Reasons to Opt for Used Office Furniture   Businesses in the greater Houston, Texas, area are always on the lookout for cost-effective, sustainable solutions for their workspaces. One of the leading solutions? Used office furniture. Office Furniture Connection is proud to offer an extensive array of used furniture, especially from top-tier brands like Knoll. Here's why so many companies are making the switch. 1. Substantial Cost Savings When the debate of new vs. used office furniture arises, cost often tops the list. Used office furniture can offer significant savings, allowing businesses to allocate resources elsewhere. For startups or companies...

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Is Office Furniture Tax Deductible?

In the energetic landscape of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas, business executives often ask, “Is office furniture tax deductible?” It’s a crucial question, as understanding the tax incentives related to office furniture, including used office furniture, can have significant financial implications for companies. This understanding enables business professionals to make informed decisions and achieve substantial financial savings. Understanding the Tax Deduction Office furniture is tax deductible. The IRS permits companies to deduct the cost of office furniture from their taxable income, allowing them to allocate the cost over the item's expected lifespan. This allocation, known as depreciation, answers the question:...

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Office Cubicle Layout Ideas

When it comes to setting up an office, one of the key considerations is the layout of the cubicles. Office cubicle layout ideas can vastly differ based on various factors such as the space available, the nature of the work, and the organization's culture. At Office Furniture Connection, we have a wealth of experience in optimizing office spaces and can guide you through an array of office cubicle design possibilities. Traditional and Modern Layout Ideas Starting with the most widely used layout, the traditional linear layout, cubicles are placed in straight rows to maximize available floor space. This efficient layout...

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Essential Reception Desk Features to Look For

Just like an airport control tower manages the flight of numerous aircraft, a good reception desk helps your gatekeeper oversee the traffic in and out of your office. With our 160,000-square-foot warehouse in Houston, Texas, Office Furniture Connection is here to help. We equip businesses like yours with reception desks, giving your receptionist the right office desk features to act as an efficient control tower operator. How to Choose a Reception Desk Choosing a reception desk for your office involves considering many reception desk features. Your office needs various equipment and systems to operate smoothly. Here are some factors to look...

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The Complete Guide to Buying Used Office Chairs

If you think of your office as a sports team, then your used office chairs are the star players. They're there to support your team members every day, helping them perform at their best. This office chair buying guide will help you through the process of choosing the right used office chairs, just like picking the right players for your team! Understanding Ergonomic Office Chairs Picture an ergonomic office chair as a personal trainer, whose job is to make sure you're sitting correctly and comfortably throughout the day. It's all about the proper alignment of your body—your back, neck, arms,...

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