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Lateral File Cabinets: The Storage Solution Your Office Needs

An office area with lateral file cabinets

When it comes to workplace efficiency, you might not realize what a major role your office furnishings play. Having the right setup can promote an organized work environment that allows employees to flourish, while the wrong setup can create chaos and frustration. To avoid the latter and promote the positive workplace you’re after, office storage solutions are something you won’t want to overlook. One such solution that is both space-saving and effective? Lateral file cabinets.

At Office Furniture Connection, we are proud to offer top-quality new and used lateral file cabinets sourced from industry-leading brands like Knoll, AIS, and Logiflex. These products are all designed to maximize office space, keeping the needs of you and your employees in mind. Lateral file cabinets are a wise investment for virtually any kind of business, especially considering that ours are:


Available in a variety of drawer heights ranging from two to five and an array of paint color options, our lateral file cabinets can be customized to suit the specific needs and design of your workplace.


Lateral file cabinets are designed for focusing and privacy as well as collaboration and interaction, ensuring ample options for maximizing the potential of virtually any working space.


OFC puts the needs of our customers first, which is why we offer both new and used lateral file cabinets and other cost-effective storage solutions to keep your office upgrade within reach.

Enhance Your Office With New Lateral File Cabinets

Discover the benefits of this dynamic storage solution for yourself by turning to the experts at Office Furniture Connection. To learn more about our lateral file cabinets and additional products and services for businesses throughout the greater Houston, Texas, area, contact us today.

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