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Well-Made Cubicles Can Enhance the Office Functionality of Businesses Across Houston, TX & Nearby Areas

Cubicles Houston TXIt comes as no surprise that cubicles are staples of workplaces in Houston, Texas. After all, they help to maximize offices’ square footage while creating designated areas for each employee. A number of business owners have taken advantage of the perks of using versatile, space-saving cubicles that are sourced from one of the foremost leaders in the furniture industry that is trusted throughout the region – Office Furniture Connection.

At OFC, we are known for providing cubicles from some of the chief manufacturers in the industry, a few being Logiflex, AIS, Clear Design, and Global. We also specialize in remanufactured cubicles from Knoll, which allows us to keep costs low while catering to the aesthetic preferences of our client base in the Houston, TX, area. Remanufacturing our cubicle systems can entail switching out the fabric, work surfaces, trim paints, and more. In addition to remanufactured, we also offer cubicles of other conditions such as:

  • Refurbished – The process of refurbishment is kept as streamlined as possible, simply because it does not require much work to get refurbished furniture fit to be used in a workplace.
  • Pre-owned – We do our part in preventing functional furniture from needlessly being discarded, which is why we buy furniture from companies that have unneeded items on their hands.
  • New – We are happy to offer the latest cubicles that are available on the marketplace today.

Additionally, we offer a number of other services for our clients including space planning, moving assistance, and furniture disassembly, delivery, and assembly.

We have truly seen and done it all in the Houston, TX, area, whether it be sprucing up a space after a flood to furnishing an office after an expansion. To learn more about the ways we can help you and the wide assortment of cubicles and other furniture we provide, contact OFC today.