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Used Office Furniture From Industry-Leading Manufacturers Offered in Pearland, TX

If you’ve begun renting a new office space in Pearland, Texas, you’ve likely moved on to the next step: exploring your furniture options. You could pay top dollar for new furniture, but as a savvy individual who watches the company’s bottom line, you may find gently used office furniture to be a wiser choice. For gently used furnishings that are sure to provide that stylish touch to your office, turn to Office Furniture Connection. Since 1998, we have been helping local business owners create the perfect workplace environment with our exceptional products and stellar service.

Office Furniture Connection is the Premier Local Used Furniture Dealer

Whether you’re looking to improve the comfort and safety of your employees or simply wishing to update a workspace, you’ll find everything you need for your Pearland office at Office Furniture Connection. Our collection of used office furniture features pieces from some of the most respected brands in the industry, including:

  • OFS
  • Nevers
  • Workrite Ergonomics
  • Global
  • Great Openings
  • Arcadia
  • Highmark
  • Knoll

If you aren’t yet certain as to what style of used furniture is best suited to your office, we encourage you to take a short drive to our 160,000-square-foot showroom in Houston. There you’ll find some of the finest pieces of used office furniture on display, including:

Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture

When you opt to purchase used furniture for your office, you’re not just saving money. You’re making a smart choice for several other reasons, including:

Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Used furniture is a good choice for the environment. First, new furniture requires the use of many irreplaceable natural resources, including water, petroleum, and wood. Used furniture does not.

Second, you’re keeping good-quality used office furniture out of your local landfill. The components of office furniture—including wood, plastic, metal, foam, and fabric—break down incredibly slowly in the landfill, taking up valuable space. This breakdown leads to the formation of toxic chemicals, contributing to air pollution and leaching into the soil and water table.

Third, used furniture contributes to the global waste problem. The space it takes up in a landfill means that new landfills will have to be created sooner rather than later. New landfills encroach on natural habitats and valuable land resources.

Customizing Your Used Office Furniture

If you decide to purchase new furniture, your customization choices may be limited to the manufacturer’s fabric and finish options. When you buy used furniture from Office Furniture Connection, you can choose the fabrics and finishes you want to make your furniture truly unique.

Saving Time

These days, if you order new furniture from the manufacturer, it can take quite a bit of time to receive your furniture. We have a 160,000 square foot showroom where you can find all the used furniture you need to outfit your office. We can usually have our reliable installation partner, VOIS, setting up your used office furniture within days.

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Are you ready to discover all that Office Furniture Connection has to offer in terms of used office furniture? If so, stop by our showroom or contact us today to inquire about our current inventory.